About Me

Hi there! Finally got my studio up and running. I'm really excited about the chance to help people improve their fitness & nutrition. This all started 4 years ago when I was getting back into working out, when a co-worker posted a flyer at work in one of the break rooms. It was from a gym that was looking for trainers, & right away it was something that I knew I wanted to do. You see, many of my co-workers were already seeking out my advice on training & nutrition, & I always really enjoyed helping  them. So, after a year of researching into the different certifications, and a couple of more years renovating my garage into a really cool modern studio, I attained an I.S.S.A. Certification in fitness training, and put the finishing touches on the studio. So get on your training gear, and come on over to Core Physique to reclaim your health today!



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