Meal PLans and Grocery list.

Research shows that to improve your body composition, you must be active, & just as importantly, have a nutrition plan that will get you there! The two must go hand-in-hand, or you just won't get the body that you want.  That's why nutrition counselling, & meal planning are Included with every Core Physique fitness package.  Already working out, but not sure what, & when to eat?  I can provide you with just the meal planning service package also.

Comprehensive High Intensity Cardio and Resistance Circuit Sets

Moderate to high Intensity training coupled with short rest periods, will bring about fat loss in the quickest possible time, making for shorter workouts.  Gone are the days of 2 and 3 hour workouts!  Training sessions will include a combination of resistance (using free weights or body weight), boxing, and cardio circuits.  My goal is to help you achieve cardio endurance and improved functional strength, mobility, and flexibility.  Along the way, you will lose those "extra pounds". Our small, clean, modern studio is great  for 1-on-1 training, & offers the perfect setting for someone whose a bit uncomfortable with the "Big Box" gym environment.



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